Over 45 million Americans suffer from Chronic, Recurring Headaches.

28 million suffer from Migraines.

You do not have to be one of them.


We Provide effective SOLUTIONS!

  • Identify root causes
  • Develop intuitive strategies
  • Implement solutions based on your goals
Hudson Headache is the private practice of Corey Schuler, DC, CNS and Chris Oswald, DC, CNS

Thank you to Chris and Corey

I am very thankful for Chris and Corey, for their knowledge and their professionalism. Both Chris and Corey have helped me immensely, through adjustments, referring me on to have imaging completed, and teaching me exercises/breathing specific for my issues. Thank you Chris and Corey; and Merry Christmas!!


Phone Consult

I was very appreciative of Corey's informative phone consultation. So much was covered in a short amount of time and felt he was very generous to take the time on a Saturday morning to speak with me regarding digestive issues.


Awesome problem solver!

Dr. Oswald always seems to get it right whether it is an ongoing problem that requires multiple visits or an "I woke up this morning and this hurts" kind of a day. Caring, compassionate, good listener, clear concise explanations. You won't find better care anywhere else!


The best around!

Dr. Oswald is highly professional, up to date with the most recent literature, and is an adept problem solver. I would say that I have "insider knowledge" into the quality of providers in this field as Dr. Oswald is a colleague of mine. There is a reason why I chose to drive 40 minutes from home when encountering an underlying systemic health issue that needed to be addressed further. You will not find better care than at Hudson Headache.


Thank you Dr. Oswald

I am on my way to starting my nutritional protocol for SIBO: Thanks to Dr. Oswald for finding out I have SIBO and helping me treat this...looking forward to feeling better and losing some weight.


Thank you!

Thank you, Corey, for your continued treatment of my complex, hip pain issues. I appreciate the time you took yesterday to LISTEN, counsel, treat and educate me. I always feel better physically and mentally when I leave the Hudson Headache office. Thank you for your professional responses and attitude. Thank you also, Chris, for your continued treatment. Thanks again!!


Professional Service & Treatment

Thank you Chris & Corey for your professionalism and continued treatment. After being treated and counseled I always feel better and get back on track. Your knowledge and ability to treat me effectively keeps me coming back as needed!


excellent experience!!

Thank you Dr. Oswald for taking so much time yesterday to understand my needs. I felt like I was really cared for...I woke this morning with very little back pain for the first time in a long time! Thank you for the direct conversation about the current treatment I am doing with no sugar coating...I love it. This was a great experience, I will definitely be back.


hidden gem

These guys know how to fix me. Pretty amazing. I would recommend them to anyone. They are fantastic.


Anxiety relief

I went to see Dr. Shuler after suffering from anxiety and sleep issues for over 20 years. After analyzing my lab tests, Dr. Schuler gave me diet advise and natural supplements. About a month an a half of treatment I was excited to report a significant increase in energy, great mood and almost no trace of anxiety...finally looking forward to enjoy life again! Now, at about 3 months on treatment, I'm feeling better and better.


Gave me hope!

I had been miserable for too long...the pain in my shoulders, neck & jaw had taken over my life! After one visit with Dr. Schuler, I could already feel some pain relief, but most importantly I left his office with a sense of hope. I am excited to see the results as I continue to work with him!


Relief at last!!!!!

Dr. Oswald is a very careful and caring doctor. He listens very closely to a patients needs. He is very passionate about his work. Thank you, Dr. Oswald!!!!!!


We love Hudson Headache

Drs. Oswald and Shuler are very attentive to our needs. Their knowledge base seems to be never-ending and their care is second to none.


Finally getting relief

I'm so happy I found Hudson Headache. After years of complex migraines, I am finally getting relief and feeling much better.


Phone: 715.381.9680


Email: doctors@hudsonheadache.com